2012 Speakers Included:view all speakers
  • Jack Wraith
    Jack Wraith CEO, TUFF, UK
  • José Carlos Sobreira Martins
    José Carlos Sobreira Martins Fraud Director, Optimus, Portugal
  • John Bangs
    John Bangs Head of Operational Insight & Compliance, BSkyB, UK
  • Gabriela Sobral Gil
    Gabriela Sobral Gil Head of Revenue Assurance, Telefonica International, Spain
  • Marc vloebergh
    Marc VloeBergh Revenue Assurance Manager, Belgacom, Belgium
  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Chairman, The Risk Management Group, UK
  • Esad Mumdzic
    Esad Mumdzic Senior Expert Revenue Management, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
  • Daniel Ret
    Daniel Ret Head of Revenue Assurance, Virgin Media, UK
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    “If fraud were a virus, almost everyone would be slightly ill”  -  Kroll Annual Global Fraud Report 2010

    Across Europe and in 2010, fraud has accounted for over €30 billion in lost revenue for telecom operators. 

    As communication networks expand, markets evolve, and the usage of smart phones increase, fraud and security threats prevail. In addition, many operators are facing a loss of 3 – 9% in annual revenues through leakage. Therefore, strategies aimed at minimizing operating costs, maximizing profits and dealing with increasing competition in regional markets require re-evaluation.

    Review of Fraud And Revenue Assurance 2012

    IIR’s 10th annual Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance provided the perfect opportunity to hear and learn from 20 exclusive operator case studies. Moreover, with a proven track record of attracting leading industry specialists from around the world, the event enabled the industry to join together for three days to discuss the latest trends, upcoming risks, and new solutions to tackling fraud and reducing revenue leakage. Highlights Included:
    • NETWORKING and interaction with top level senior managers and specialists from leading telecom operators. Hear their experiences on successfully managing fraud risks and revenue losses
    • LEARNING from peers, competitors and cross industry experts on how to develop fraud management and revenue assurance to respond to ongoing and new challenges
    • COMPARING strategies and cost-effective techniques needed to reduce revenue leakage and prevent fraud whilst ensuring a winning trust of customers
    • DISCOVERY  of emerging trends and next generation fraud management solutions to tackling identity theft, PBX, mobile malware, SIM-box, subscription fraud, and IRSF
    • DEBATE over potential ways of merging fraud, revenue assurance, security and audit
    • IDENTIFYING synergies between telecom operators and banks in terms of defeating mobile payments fraud 

    Download the 2012 full agenda here

    Information on our 2013 event will be available soon.

    Hot Topics Discussed In 2012

    • Mitigating fraud risks prior to & following the Olympics 2012
    • Merging fraud in a full IP data environment: Telecom Italia’s perspective
    • Preventing subscription fraud: Rom Telecom’s perspective
    • Reducing International Revenue Share Fraud: Optimus’s perspective
    • Barricading mobile malware intrusions
    • Minimizing revenue leakage: Telefónica’s perspective
    • Integrating RA in next generations products & services: Vimpelcom’s perspective
    • The cloud age & next generation business assurance
    • Reducing revenue leakage for IPTV: Belgacom’s perspective
    • Machine-to-Machine technologies, threats & opportunities: Led by KPN
    • Defeating PBX hacking: T-Mobile’s perspective
    • Hampering fraud in a roaming environment: Ufone’s perspective
    • Supporting fraud through policy & compliance: Vodafone’s perspective
    Workshop - Dealing with the Insider Threat Click here  to find out more on our workshop which takes place on  19th March at 09:30-12:30

    Who Attends?

    Delegates from IIR's Telecoms Fruad and Revenue Assurance 2011 came from the following industries and regions: From the Following Industries: From the Following Regions:

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